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Distinctive Day Care Services • Home Visits • Dog Walks • Sleep Away Care • Grooming by Appointment

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Animal Zen day care services are available Monday - Friday from 8am - 5:30pm. As a smaller day care facility, Animal Zen promotes activities with all sizes, ages and play styles. Many of the "regulars" enjoy the company of people as much (or more than) hanging out with other dogs. And at Animal Zen they have plenty of people to get pets from or have a relaxing sit on the lap. Other develop unexpected friendships and they learn skills such as taking turns, walking with other dogs, and politely greeting new dogs arriving for day care. To determine if Animal Zen and your dog make the right match, call or text us at 1-216-402-6513 to learn about getting started.

Animal Zen day is available for home visits when you need to be away from home. We have experience caring for the fussiest cats, happy to play with dogs who need visits but can manage sleeping overnight in their own home, and Animal Zen is also skilled in providing care for rabbits, lizards, fish, birds, and your backyard chickens. Call or text us at 1-216-402-6513for more information.

Some dogs need more human contact than just a few visits during the time you are away, and Animal Zen is happy to host dogs at the homes of staff members. [Note: this is not necessarily for every dog as they need to be comfortable in staying with additional dogs of different sizes and personalities.] Space is limited, so it is important to contact the office as far in advance as possible. Call or text us at 1-216-402-6513

If your work keeps you too busy for those outside breaks you dog might need during the day, Animal Zen is happy to provide outside time or walks for your dog or dogs. 10-15 minute or 20-30 minute visits can be arranged. Call or text us at 1-216-402-6513 for more information.

Proper grooming care for your companion animal is an important part of a healthy life. Animal Zen is pleased to be able to help with many of the basic grooming needs for dogs and cats by appointment. We work with many animals who are nervous about this type of  close contact. Nail trims can be arranged with a simple phone call. Bathing and clipping may take longer to arrange as our groomer needs to be booked several weeks in advance. It is best to call us at 1-216-402-6513 and leave a message of your interest and need. Allow us to call you back to discuss what is possible and the time frame to accomodate you.

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